Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jesus Doesn't Like Jerks

Wait till this story blows up:
Azucar Bakery on South Broadway is under investigation for religious discrimination by the Civil Rights division of the Department of Regulatory Agencies stemming from a March 2014 incident.
A customer came into the store and requested a couple of cakes in the shape of Bibles, according to the owner Marjorie Silva.
Silva says the man pulled out a piece of paper with hateful phrases like "God hates gays" and requested her to write them on his cakes.
The baker, of course, refused.

And I have to admit, it's a very clever stunt.  A gay couple sues a bakery for refusing to bake them a cake for their wedding, so this guy is trying to make hay for a bakery refusing to bake them a cake for their own private little ceremony of hate.

It is, I admit, pretty funny that this is all unfolding in the bakeries of America.  I mean, what is it about flour and eggs that brings out the inner asshole of homophobic Evangelicals?

The way I see it, if these Evangelicals weren't uptight, impolite, and unprofessional, we wouldn't even have this problem of people refusing to bake cakes.

That should be the principle we draw from this.  It's not "public accommodations cannot discriminate."  It's "Don't be an asshole."

Monday, January 19, 2015

More Stuff

We apologize for poor judgment shown in a tweet sent earlier. We did not intend to compare football to the civil rights legacy of Dr. King.
A Tweet sent out by the Seattle Seahawks after they tweeted an inspirational MLK quote and then deleted.

Yesterday, like any Bronco fan I hope, I was really pulling for the Packers.  I was at work, so only peripherally involved in the game, but every time I looked up, Russell Wilson was getting picked off or pounded into the turf. 

I like Russell Wilson, but that felt so good.  I thought Green Bay had it.  They should have.  To have that kind of lead and that kind of game, and just blow it in the final minutes....  Man.  Against those bastard Seahawks no less?

On the AFC side, the Patriots beat the Colts, probably cheated too.  Yawn.  This year's Super Bowl is going to be like next year's Bush versus Clinton presidential race:  a snoozer.

Thank God for basketball.  (Kansas is playing tonight.  DVR'd it.)

American Sniper

It's interesting to me, from a business perspective, how this film has become a hit.  Bradley Cooper is "big."  Clint Eastwood is "big," although obviously aging out of his craft.  The subject matter, well, not always a box office draw.  Oscar heat alone can't account for a $100 weekend.  The holiday weekend, probably not either. 

It's January.  On the big release schedule of life, this is where films go to die.

But here we are, and the movie is a blockbuster.  The studio probably didn't count on this.  I know that the theaters didn't.  There are summer movies that won't make this much money in a weekend.

This is what I think did it:  The ads.

Most of the American Sniper trailers focused on tense, dramatic scenes rather than playing like a highlight reel of the movie.  You're not able to dismiss the movie, thinking you've seen the best parts already, and instead are left intrigued.  You want to know how the situation resolves itself. 

Does he shoot the kid with the RPG???

At some point in the near future, I'm going to have to see this movie.