Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dignity in Death

LAKEWOOD - A "Dignity in Death" rally was held Tuesday afternoon for a lesbian woman whose funeral last week was moved after a Lakewood church rejected photos that were used in a memorial video.
That last bit is very generous.  The corpse was in the chapel, the mourners were congregating, and the church said, "If you don't take out the photo of the gay marriage proposal, you have to leave." 

This is a familiar story:  Politicized Christians who think they have a religious obligation to discriminate against gay people.  It's a kinder, gentler version of the impulse that leads politicized Muslims to think they have a religious obligation to murder infidels.

And at this point, I'm over it.  I'm not going to waste one breath defending these assholes right to discriminate, religious freedom or no. 

But what really gets me is this kind of thing:
(Chaplain Gary) Rolando says it's a shame that Collier's friends are using her death to push an agenda.
And what "agenda" would that be?  Gay marriage isn't an agenda anymore.  It's how it is.   Seems to me that the only agenda this woman was pushing was "This was my life.  Remember it."

The real shame is that there are still people who think their religious beliefs trumps people's lives.