Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Don't Conceal Handguns in Your Vagina

Or the news will make it sound funny:
While Castaneda was being transported to jail, she told an officer she had concealed a handgun in her vagina. Officers immediately stopped and a female officer searched the suspect, finding a loaded Smith and Wesson .22-caliber pistol with a round chambered in her vagina.
Cracked me up because it's such a weird way of putting it.  I'm pretty sure this woman didn't tell the officer she "had concealed a handgun in her vagina."

She probably said something like, "Hey, man, I should tell you something.  I got a gun on me."

The officer probably scoffed at her in the rearview mirror.  "No, you don't.  We searched you."

"No, seriously.  I got a gun on me.  You know, down there."

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