Sunday, March 08, 2015

Happy Daylight Savings Day

Andrew Sullivan, who practically invented blogging, announced in February that he would quit blogging...and then he did.

I didn't really quit, but I'm not sure I'd announce it either.

I will announce, however, my love for Youtube:

Lately I've been mining for live musical performances, some of dubious quality.  This one I would normally dismiss because it's clearly it's a recorder in the room, but I've listened to this track many times now and I wish...WISH...that Clutch had recorded a proper version of it.

Some of the lyrics are quite clever:
Romans came, made me wear a cross
In the end, my gain, their loss
Ah, Fall of the Roman Empire humor.

Also...Baroness playing "Green Theme." It's a great song, and it's also amazing how much the lead guitarist looks like an old friend named George.

These guys are a great band, so here's a twofer:

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