Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Six Seasons and a Movie!

Community was canceled by NBC earlier this year, which made everyone sad, so Yahoo "picked them up" for a sixth season.  I didn't know Yahoo was getting into the TV business, but a sixth season of Community?

I'm listening.

Hopefully I don't have to subscribe to something to watch it though.  I mean, hopefully I don't have to subscribe to something else.  DirecTV, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime.  On the subscription front, I'm covered.  Sell me the episodes themselves or I'll wait for the DVD.

All this, of course, is an excuse to post this clip, which not only features Abed's hilarious Nicolas Cage freakout, but my favorite joke from Community.

 Britta starts talking about some goofy social theory that makes no sense and the professor, played by Kevin Corrigan, interrupts her with "Good one."  It's not that funny, but the patronizing indifference from Corrigan and Britta's reaction to it is priceless.