Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Rock is Not Dead - Once More Around the Sun Edition

New Mastodon record out this week.  First impression:  Sounds great.  It's heavy yet clean, with some really focused song-writing that retains that proggy sensibility. 

I can't wait to let it soak in. 

The Fridge

Not too long ago, I bought a new fridge.  The old one started making a noise I didn't feel like repairing and I wanted a smaller one anyway.  My kitchen isn't the biggest and I don't need to stock up for a huge family, so the smallest full-size fridge?  Hook me up.

I was thinking space mostly but in the back of my mind I was wondering if a smaller fridge would save me money on my electric bill.

The proof is in the pudding.  This month's bill was less than a hundred dollars, a record for the decade I've been living in this house.

Walmart to Go

I live near the worst Walmart in America.  (It's an objective fact.)  And yet I rely on them for supplies of cat food, hot cocoa, coffee, and other staples.  This leaves me with a dilemma.  The convenient Walmart is a nightmare, and all the others are not convenient.

So I tried their Walmart to Go service.  For a small fee, they will deliver your groceries to your front door.  There is waiting involved, as you have to schedule a delivery window, but you are not standing three deep in a line staffed by someone who can compete in the Special Olympics.

Standing in one of those lines, I've often wished there was some way I could just pay to get out of there.  Just, please take my money.  Free me from this prison of Handiwipes and Bic lighters.

So Walmart says if I pay them $5, I don't have to stand in one of those lines and they'll deliver my entire grocery list to my front door sometime after I get off work. 


True Detective

I don't mean to keep beating this drum, but shortly after acquiring the first season of True Detective on Blu Ray, I binge-watched it again and then after that, I re-watched certain scenes, and even re-watched entire episodes.

You could call it a bit of a study, to figure out how this story was constructed.  Unlike many viewers, I'm not really motivated by novelty.  It's less interesting to find out what happens next than it is to see if what happens next makes some kind of sense in terms of theme or character.

Unusual for a mystery story, there are no red herrings.  All the completely bonkers stuff --the devil worship and the child sacrifice-- all that turns out to be true.  Indeed, detectives Cohle and Hart only scratch the surface, peeling back just one layer of a larger, darker story that's merely hinted at.

Consider what they find:  a Satanic cult operating in secret along the Louisiana Coast that has been killing women and children for generations.  A serial killer?  No, it's bigger than that.