Friday, February 28, 2014

Rage At the Dying of the Light

Now bear with me, gentle reader, as I have some bad news to share.  My Grandpa Espinoza, the last remaining grandparent I had, has died.

I found out about it on Wednesday.  He died on the 12th.

In this age of instantaneous world-wide connections, how I ask can news travel so slowly?  The answer is simple:  It was spite.  Pure, black-hearted spite. 

It was also --and I choose my words carefully-- a conspiracy.  My Aunt Terri conspired with all the other Texas people to keep this information from us, knowing exactly how fucked up that is, and doing it anyway.

There are so many unanswered questions about Grandpa's death, and no one can be trusted to be straight with us.  It's a damn shame.

You can read an obituary here.  Somehow my comment made it, though my Mom's hasn't.  Hmmm...

If a commenter so chooses, the website allows people to send you messages.  I sent this to my Aunt Terri:
I didn't think it is possible but you have reached a new low.  Seeing this obituary made me want to puke.  You write gushingly about the passing of this great man, but couldn't resist being disrespectful to his memory.  He was loved not just by you and Bill, by Sam and Liz, by Emily, but BY US ALL.  He has grandkids and great-grandkids who loved him and will mourn his passing.

Do not expect the same when you're gone.  You will have no kids.  No grandkids.  No great-grandkids.  Your vision of this family will die with you.

And the family will live on without you. 

You can't hurt us anymore.  There are no more graves you can defile, no more legacies you can disrespect.  This is the last gasp of a sad old woman who has already been disowned.  I hope you enjoy it.

Road Rage

The people who designed the T-Rex I-25 expansion were much smarter than the people who drive on them.  The designers generously gave everyone a half-mile to merge on and off the highways...and yet, almost no one takes advantage.

Most people try to merge the second their tires hit the interstate, plugging up two lanes of traffic, creating a gauntlet of brake lights around every overpass.

It's as if they think if they don't merge at the first, inconvenient opportunity they will never merge at all, which is ridiculous.  They literally have a half-mile to stop two lanes of traffic if they want.  No need to do as soon as they get on the highway.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk

On Monday, the Kansas University Jayhawks, one of the most storied teams in basketball history, clinched it's 10th Big 12 title in a row.

I was there.  It was awesome.