Wednesday, February 05, 2014


Today, my boss cracked me up.  He's a big Jets fan and we were talking about Joe Namath and his stupid coat.  I don't remember what he said, but in the context of the conversation he used the word "struggling," but he pronounced it exactly like the drunk Namath in the below video.

We weren't even talking about this video, but as soon as he said it -"struggaling"- I just started laughing. I got the reference immediately.

It kind of became a running joke for the day.  We were all "struggaling."  At one point, in an e-mail a circuit was "struggaling" to come up.

It was comedy gold, man.

Monday, February 03, 2014

The Super Bowl

It was the most frustrating game I think I have ever seen.  From the opening play to the turn-overs, the 3 and outs, the fumbles, not one minute was enjoyable.  What a miserable, miserable performance.

Hate to say it, but the Seahawks exposed the Broncos.  They revealed that our special teams sucks.  Trindon Holiday is liable to cough up any ball he touches and they can't even stop a run-back.

The defense had no answers.  Seattle ran an end-around to Percy Harvin twice.  WTF?  The first one was a shot in the dark.  I'm sure Pete Carroll was pinching himself on the sidelines.  "I didn't think that would actually work!"  Then he looks at the photo print-outs, sees no adjustment, sees the same obvious hole, and says, "Let's run it again."

Why not, man?  Ain't nobody going to stop you.

And, you know, I have tremendous respect for Peyton Manning.  I'm immensely proud of the records he got this year, grateful that he's taking snaps for the Broncos.  He has a reputation as a steady game manager that is hard to rattle.  But give him enough crowd noise and he can't get out the Omahas, and give him a high snap on the opening play and he can't get back into a rhythm.

The worst part is not even the loss.  It's the score:  43-8.  Reminds me of '88 against the Redskins, '90 against the 9ers.  One team showing up, and the Broncos...not.

Every team has baggage that tarnishes their legacy.  This tendency to choke in the Super Bowl, that's the Broncos' baggage.