Sunday, December 21, 2014

Top Ten Feminist Fiascos of 2014

Tyler Cowen says:
This is a good example of how media focus on events which raise or lower the status of particular groups, rather than focusing on events which actually impact human welfare.
Then links to this piece, written by a feminist, about feminists.  What got me about it, though, was the critical tone.  Witness:
#Shirtstorm: In mid-November scientists managed, for the first time in human history, to land a robot on a comet hurtling through space some 25 million miles away from Earth. But the reaction of feminists was: Who cares? They were fixated on the fact that one of the physicists, Matt Taylor, wore a shirt printed with ladies in lingerie during a live screening of the feat. A blitzkrieg of Taylor-bashing Twitter-bombing ensued, on the theory that the shirt somehow discouraged women from entering STEM fields. Yes, feminists thought the best way to entice women into STEM was to disparage a monumental STEM achievement.

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