Monday, November 24, 2014

Blood in the Water and the Sharks are Circling

I think it's highly likely that Bill Cosby is a grabby perv.  But it's been pretty disgusting to watch the pile-on in the media.  Accusers are popping up everywhere, and each one lends credence to the others.  They can't all be liars, right?

And yet, the whole thing makes me uncomfortable.  It seems to me that this is more about ruining an undesirable man's reputation than about seeking some kind of justice. 

If Bill Cosby is a rapist, why is it sufficient to see his projects canceled?  Shouldn't he be in prison?

The other thing that bothers me is that now that Cosby has been pegged, that leaves other people asking "Who's next?"

I swear, sometimes it seems like this country has been possessed by the spirit of Ulrike Meinhof

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KickinAssTakingNames said...

Are some asking for his projects to be cancelled? I know some channel stopped showing reruns of the Cosby Show, but that's all I've heard about.

My take is that it's not a deliberate effort to ruin his reputation in as much as it is to hold him accountable. Although in this case they go hand in hand. If you consider we're dealing with a powerful entertainment legend, I think it took the courage of one to bring forth all the others. There is power in numbers, of course. I have no doubt there is truth in all this. It has been out there on the rumor mill for years. The consistency in their stories is hard to deny.