Friday, October 31, 2014

Ghetto Bathroom

So I've been working on my bathroom.  I had to replace the tub spout, redo some of the walls, put up a tub surround, install a new shower curtain rod, and I still have to install a new light and paint.

I didn't take any "before" pictures because it was truly awful, but here's a "during:"
It's just a glue-up plastic tub surround, nothing fancy.  Someone else can tile it if they want.

I've just got the finishing touches left, a new coat of paint for the whole room --No more blue-- and some caulking.  I ordered a new shower curtain, too, one perfect for a bachelor of questionable taste.

It has a ouija board on it, as well as a couple of Dia De Los Muertos skeletons and scrawled across the top, it say, "Drop dead motherfucker."  I'll prove it next week.

You thought I was kidding about the ghetto bathroom thing.


KickinAssTakingNames said...

That shower curtain sounds superb! And, nice handy work!

Hope all is well, long-lost internet pal. I've been a little MIA. Unfortunatly, because I am consumed with all-things-Ferguson. It's fucked up, man. I could go on and on and still not adequately express my thoughts and feelings about it all. So many layers. So much ugly. My soul hurts.

A freak ass whoopin' of your Broncos by the Rams tomorrow would sure lift my spirits ;)

KickinAssTakingNames said...

Whoa, hold on. I can predict the future??

I really didn't think the Rams had a chance today. Sorry for your loss, but I'm happy for me that I got to see a solid win at home this year! Might be the last year, mind you. Time is tickin' and L.A. is calling.

James said...

You are so rotten. You jinxed us!

Hate to say it -still a fan for life- but these Broncos tend to blow it when they face a team prepared to beat them.

And obviously, playing under a dome does Peyton no real favors.

So you're right at the heart of the Ferguson thing, huh? What's that like? Tense, I imagine, but what a mess.

KickinAssTakingNames said...

Along w/what you said about the Broncos...despite the Rams' poor record the last several years, they always seem to win the games they have no business winning...and lose the games they should win (see Oakland game next weekend).

With regards to Ferguson, tense is putting it mildly. And there is extra anxiety now leading up to the announcement, which looks to be tomorrow. The racism that has unearthed itself here during this debacle is deplorable. It has created a gigantic wedge within the community. It is so painful to watch, and to be a part of. It feels helpless. How do we begin to fix this? People are so polarized many cannot even begin to truly listen to one another. If we can't hear, we can't empathize, and nothing gets resolved. It's scary.