Friday, August 01, 2014


One thing I enjoy about Christopher Nolan's movies is how much work he and his brother (his usual screen-writing partner) put into the scripts.  It's about telling a story, not about product-placement or international marketing.  It's about making the audience feel something.

A lot of the big movies this year have been absolute dreck.  Captain America:  The Winter Soldier?  I couldn't even tell you what that was about.  (Making money, I think.)  X-Men stank.  Transformers was unbearable.  So far, the only movies I've managed to care about while watching them were Edge of Tomorrow and the new Planet of the Apes, and even then only Planet of the Apes was able to get me with any heart.  (Edge of Tomorrow was merely clever.)

This new trailer for Interstellar is amazing.  Nolan packs more heart into a few minutes of clips than anything Marvel has done all year.

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