Thursday, June 05, 2014

Pain & Gain

I watched Pain & Gain the other night, a crime caper with Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Mackie, and the Rock.  It was funnier and darker than I expected, which means I pretty much loved it.

A couple of bodybuilders who have ambitions two sizes too big for their capabilities decide to kidnap a rich guy and steal all his stuff.  It kinda works.

Michael Bay directed the movie, so some of this gets played as a joke, but underneath is a script throbbing with subtext.

At one point, Mark Wahlberg is trying to scam a guy by putting on a slide show about a telecom venture in India.  There's a few quick cuts of him sounding almost convincing, but then he says, "We get you in on the groundfloor.  Boom.  Sky rocket.  Next!"

Later the guy he's trying to scam admits that some of the stuff he says sounds goofy and calls him an amateur.  Boom.  Mark Wahlberg kills him with some Olympic 45s.  Next!

And then there's this scene:

I was rolling. "But that bat was aluminum.  I switched to wood."

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