Thursday, May 01, 2014

Counting Vaginas - Star Wars Edition

I suppose it was inevitable.  The cast of the new Star Wars film was released and while no one would dare complain about the fact that the lead actor is black, apparently it's perfectly acceptable to complain about the fact that he's male.

Hit it, dude:
(Daisy) Ridley does have the distinction of being the one woman on the cast who isn't Carrie Fisher. In other words, Abrams's Star Wars sounds like it may keep with the franchise's tradition of spectacularly failing the Bechdel Test. Princess Leia was the only major female character in the original trilogy, and the prequels weren't much more egalitarian.
First, Princess Leia was a bad ass.  So there.

Second, the Bechdel Test for a Star Wars film?  The Bechdel Test says that a story must have "1) at least two women 2) who talk to each other 3) about something besides a man."  As if all a story needs is a conversation between two women about not-male subjects!

I mean, I can't wait for that Star Wars film.  Forget the sword fights and space battles.   It's just going to be two women talking about the Force...

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