Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lie Down With Dogs....

It has been incredibly amusing to watch the Cliven Bundy ranch saga blow up in all the right-wing faces who indulged in his nonsense. 

First, why come to this guy's rescue in the first place?  He's just another rich moocher who thinks that public resources exist for private exploitation, and a not particularly smart one, either.  When Gaylord Entertainment came knocking on the Capitol door with hat in hand, they at least had the sense to get the authorities to buy into their scam.

Bundy's been fighting a losing battle for twenty years and it doesn't matter how many gun-toting  Tea-baggers with "Don't Tread On Me" tattoos show up, he's not going to win this one.  Bundy's wrong on the merits, and that matters.

The most amusing part, however, is how many right-wingers leapt to Bundy's aid not only knowing he was wrong on the merits, but also knowing that Bundy is animated by weird, fringe beliefs.  They actually thought this was a recipe for success.  They thought Bundy would actually be useful in their ongoing battle against big government.  They saw no red flags:  not the lost court cases, not the self-interest masquerading as principle. 

I mean, this guy spouts neo-Confederate views on federal authority and they're surprised that he also has neo-Confederate views on race


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