Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Another Day in the Neighborhood

Yesterday I was out working in the garden and I heard in the distance what sounded like two firecrackers going off, pop-pop, but there was a quality to the sound that made me think, "That sounds like a gunshot."

A while later, I noticed a helicopter flying around and at first I thought nothing of it.  I live near several hospitals, as well as in the airspace of Buckley Air Force Base, so helicopters in the sky are not an uncommon sight.  Usually, though, they're hauling ass to some destination, the tiny red ones toward the hospital, the big bulky green ones toward the base.

This one was black.  It was in no hurry to go anywhere.  Indeed, it flew in a lazy circle for a while, not really hovering but also not sticking to any established flight plan.  Sometime between when I saw it circling and when it took off, I thought, "Huh, the police must be looking for someone."

It didn't occur to me to connect the sounds I heard with the helicopter until I read about this:
Aurora police are looking for two teenage boys in connection to a shooting that wounded one person in Aurora Monday afternoon.

The shooting occurred near East 16th Avenue and Lansing Street.
That's one block down and two blocks over from the, appropriately named, Ghetto Garden.

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KickinAssTakingNames said...

I never spent any time around guns growing up (or ever, really), but the first time I heard gunshots I was in high school and I immediately knew they were gunshots and not fireworks. And I remember thinking it was weird how I knew this, having never heard them before in person. It's like it's instictual or something. I overheard gunshots only once since then, and it was the same experience.

As far as that first experience goes, the shooter was a guy who had gone all through grade school/high school with me. He went bonkers and took a rifle (?) of some sort to the golf course around the corner from my house, and started shooting. When the cop helicopter started circling around soon thereafter (which lit up my bedroom, I was so close), he started shooting at the copter "rambo style", according to the papers (I heard those shots too). Yeah, he went to prison. Somehow got paroled in the 2000s despite trying to kill cops, then killed a woman he was dating and went right back.