Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Why Men Should Want "True Detective" to Stay Awesome

I only clicked on her post so I can talk shit about it in an informed way.  The headline reads:  "Why Men Should Want 'True Detective' to Have Great, Nuanced Female Characters."  The implication being that the female characters of True Detective aren't great or nuanced.

I've been watching that show quite faithfully since it began, drinking it up and enjoying it royally, and truth be told, there is only one thing I --as a man-- want from True Detective and that's more episodes.

I have no problem with the show's female characters.  Reading Alyssa's complaint, I don't think she does either.  She does, however, have problems with the male characters.  And hey, no biggie.

It's just that if you're not fully on board with Rust and Cohle, and you're trying to see if the show nails your favored portrayal of feminist womanhood, maybe you shouldn't watch True Detective.

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