Thursday, March 13, 2014

True Detective

Now that True Detective is over, can the haters please stop griping about it? Watch some other show for Christ's sake. This lady encapsulates all that I can't stand about True Detective griping:
I’m not saying that women can’t or don’t like True Detective. Obviously, I like True Detective. But I think whatever else it is, True Detective is an unfettered celebration of two men, men whose flaws and doubts and mistakes only make them more heroic, and this has been integral to the show becoming a phenomenon. The series has a lady problem, yes, but it is also a bro bonanza. It looks and feels like an all-time great drama, not just because of its production values, performances, and themes. It also looks like an all-time great drama because it’s mostly men on the screen.
I have seen so much commentary in this vein about the show that I can only laugh at it now.  It's as if these women are so used to be catered to on other shows that they cannot accept that there exists a show about men.

And seriously....get over yourselves, ladies.

Take a page out of the Dude Book.   Faced with an overly girly show that has no natural appeal to us, we don't say, "This show would be better if it had more dudes."  No, we shrug our shoulders and say, "Well, I guess I'm not watching that shit."  And we watch something else.

We don't wonder about what we're missing on Grey's Anatomy.  We just don't care.  Try it sometime.
It goes without saying that I'm a huge fan of True Detective.  Mileage obviously varies, but the show was firing on all cylinders with me.  It was strange listening to some of my own thoughts come out of Rust's mouth, and Marty was the kind of complicated, contradictory character that I'm most interested in.  I didn't mind that the "mystery" didn't have some profound explanation, or that loose threads were left to dangle.  The "mystery" is, or should be, the least interesting thing of any mystery story.

I can't wait to buy it on blu ray and watch it again.

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