Saturday, March 08, 2014

Nirvana Sucks

This made me laugh:
I was listening to some music with the kids the other day and Ollie saw the cover for Nevermind in my iTunes and asked, "hey Daddy, what's that one with the floating baby?" So we played some songs and tried to explain what that album had meant to so many people, but I didn't do it justice. How do you explain culture shifts to kindergarten-age children? "Everything was the same as it was before, except that everything was different. Does that make sense?" In the end, I pulled a power-dad move and said, "I guess you just had to be there."
 Just the other day I was listening to some old Soundgarden tunes, wondering who still listens to Nirvana.  Nirvana always seemed like the most over-rated of the Seattle bands, as much a product of MTV as all the hair metal bands that Nirvana came to slay.  They had one fairly solid album, and a couple more that were comprised mostly of filler.  They changed the scene, no doubt, but not for the better. 

Indeed, if I were to thank someone for five years of crappy indie rock on the radio, for Metallica's "Load" period, for the dearth of screaming girls at rock shows, I'd thank Nirvana. 

Me, being facetious:  Thanks, Nirvana, for taking all the joy out of rock music.

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