Thursday, March 20, 2014


I hate to admit that most of the new music I've heard in the last year or so has come from movies, TV shows, or commercials.  In my old age, I'm just not that concerned about hearing the hot new jams.  I don't care if it's new or popular;  I just care that it's good.

But I heard a song in a commercial last night and it became an earworm today.  I had heard it before, but couldn't have told you what it was called or who did it.

Thinking it might be both popular and new, I checked out the Billboard Top 100.  Surely it had to be on there, and through a process of elimination, I could probably find it.

Bam, it's the number one song in the country.

I wonder why...

(Shoulda known it was Pharrell...  Many a time over the years, he's reached through my metal-soaked resistance to pop music and grabbed me by the ears.  Here's to you, buddy.)

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