Wednesday, March 05, 2014


This weekend I procured two new chairs from random people on Craigslist.  Plagued with muscle spasms in my back, I was looking for some damn relief.

Bam, I find a leather massage chair for $135.  This thing is like a medical device, weighs a half ton, rumbles quite loudly when it's all going, but it looks good, sits comfortably, and it works great.  The big downside is the recline function only works electronically, and it's comically slow. 

It's a great addition to my living room, but I needed something for the man cave.

Bam, I find a chair they're giving away for free.  All leather, they say it works great.  In the pictures, it's big and overstuffed.  Compared to the massage chair, it's light as a feather.  This one doesn't rub your back, but the recline function is on a lever. 

And it was free.

Two new chairs, $135 and some gas money.

Best part about it, yesterday was the first day in a long time that didn't end with a knot of throbbing pain in my back.

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