Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Job

I bitch about the schedule (painful) and the poorly trained, poorly motivated people I have to deal with, but there are a few good things about my job.

For example:

On Tuesday, I wrapped up a 60 hour week that started last week.  Because of the timing, it turns out that on my timesheet, I would have one week that has 30 hours and another that has 60.  I wanted the overtime, but didn't necessarily want to use a vacation day to make up the missing time on the short week.

So I asked my boss how he thought I should put that down on my timesheet.  Do you know what he said?  I quote:

Which would get you more money?
It's almost like he didn't get the memo outlining how corporations are obligated to cheat their hourly employees out of their hard-earned compensation.  Don't you know, Boss, that you're supposed to figure out how to pay me less and here you are, trying to get me more money?

And you call yourself an American.....

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