Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hippiepunching the Self-Hating White Male Feminist

Some guy on the internet says:
Ironically, it was a scene with no men in it that reminded me how bored I am with movies about men.

OK, let's be more specific: I am super-bored with movies about all the straight white guys who, it sometimes seems, are the most important people in the world, if our film culture is to be believed.
I've heard this kind of thing before from feminists like Alyssa Rosenberg and others.  But this is a dude saying it, a white dude.  (No word on whether he's straight, and really...who gives a shit?)

Frankly, I'm bored with this.

As a "straight white guy" myself, let me tell you:  There's no way this stuff comes off as anything other than sexist and racist.  Hey, I'm sure some people are bored with movies about "cross-dressing black guys" but they can't say that shit out loud.  That would be racist.

Let's try a new tactic.  Instead of focusing on a person's race or sex or sexual orientation, let's just focus on the person.  Can we finally try that once and for all?

The guy moans on:
More broadly, I'm just tired of movie after movie about loser men and the brilliant women who melt down over them; of movie after movie that relentlessly privileges the male experience; of movies where all women seem to think about are men; tired (and this is not about "American Hustle" but about movies in general) of movies with a billion men and one woman in them.
You know what, man?  That's your fault.  Rearrange your Netflix queue, dummy. 

And it just gets worse:
Let's not even get into race (though, if I could return to the aforementioned "American Hustle" for a second, I think I saw three non-white people on the screen the whole time) or, God forbid, the idea that gay people should be seen as anything but best friends or award-winning roles for straight actors in prestige pictures.
Let's not get into race? Man, you led with that. And the gay thing?  Come on.  One reason that Netflix has a gay/lesbian section is because there are a lot of gay and lesbian films.  If this dude got off his ass and looked for them, he would find them.

But this...this is the best part.  It would be very difficult, indeed, to be stupider than this:
These are hardly new thoughts. They have been expressed a million times through the decades. The Bechdel Test is rightfully revered, after all. But it's sometimes easy to forget -- especially if you're a man! -- just how much these things are signaled to us. (Take a look, for example, at this year's Oscar nominations: all men!)
No, these thoughts are not new. You just took them all in and made them your own, internalized them so you didn't even have to think about it that much.  Just go right on auto-pilot, so you can say stupid shit like, "Take a look, for example, at this year's Oscar nominations:  all men!"

Yeah, except for all the women who were nominated, you politically correct clown.

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