Friday, October 18, 2013


The other day I got stuck in a Youtube loop watching live music.  I started looking for early live performances from the Police but soon I was watching Metallica covers before finally settling on a full-length concert from the Melvins. 

I was never a huge Melvins fan, despite having and enjoying (most of) their Stoner Witch album, but wow...

The first thing I noticed was two drummers.  Technically, a band doesn't need two drummers, especially if they're basically just going to be mirroring each other.  It's not like one guy has the toms and the other guy hits the snare.  No, they're both playing the same thing, but in time.  So while it's not necessary, it is amazing.

The other thing that caught my attention, and not for the first time, is Buzz Osbourne's devotion to nonsense lyrics.  A lot of songwriters come up with the melody first and add the words later, but they do at least try to make the words make sense.  King Buzzo dispenses with all that.

Take this stanza from Revolve:
They might try to hide
They have to have some more dead sense
You might be rye like a ball in the wind
Poison dandy lifeforms crime
Mix both down cross sticky pedal the line
It's not exactly a random assemblage of words stripped of all context, but it doesn't make any kind of sense.   And really, does it have to?