Friday, April 12, 2013

The Lil One

I showed up early to my niece's swim practice the other day, and when she came walking in holding her mom's hand, she was looking for me in the crowd of parents hanging around the pool.  I stood up from my perch by the window to stand out, see how long it took for her to find Waldo.

I knew she spotted me when I saw her face light up in a big smile.

She's coming over to spend the night tomorrow and from what I hear, she can't wait.  Hell, I can't wait.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Black Lung, Blacker Heart

First, read this:

Anti-cancer groups and the tobacco industry have effectively joined forces to prevent some of the new insurance exchanges from implementing a surcharge for smokers. Thus, in the name of anti-discrimination (tobacco lobby) and ensuring access for the poor (the anti-cancer groups), non-smokers will be forced to pay higher premiums in order to pay for people's terrible lifestyle choices. That's just grand.
Forced to pay for other people's terrible lifestyle choices!  Oh, the humanity!

Can we stop pretending to be mad that some of our premium money will be used on other people?  That's how the damn thing is designed to work.  You pay your premium, you get your services, and the money gets distributed as needed.  Yes, this penny will go to that smoker's cancer treatments.  But his penny helped pay for your elbow surgery two years ago.

Boo fucking hoo. 

As far as smoker's go, hey...I'm not here to defend the smoking lifestyle.  I recommend it to no one.  But...

Consider this:  We pay way more taxes than you do, thanks to all the little sin tax schemes.  We're building roads and funding the operation of schools.  Don't thank us or anything, but maybe shelve that plan is to shake us down even more.

You've already banned us from society basically, no smoking anywhere, and you're real hostile about it, too.  No smoking in bars?  Really?  You know, I never did much drinking in bars.  But I could smoke in one all night.

Now I have to go out of state for that experience, and in a few years, probably out of the country.  Thanks, America.  

Not only have you killed off nightlife, you have absolutely destroyed the ashtray industry.  How's that make ya feel?

And then we get cancer, we become your little guinea pigs.  You start cutting pieces off us so you can stick us in anti-smoking commercials.  Every freak show in those commercials may have been sickened first by smoking, but it was the damn doctors who mutilated them!  Nice stoma.  Which oncologist was the procedure named after?  Oh, a new experimental drug?  Give it to the cancer patient.

I mean, we get the cons.  You're hair smells.  Your clothes smell.  It burns your eyes at the club.  It's just downright unpleasant.

But think about the pros for once!  We made your kid smarter.  Our mistakes will save your life.  And your damn insurance premium is for YOU.  Quit crying about it.