Friday, March 15, 2013

The Topeka Incident

I still haven't edited the video from the Kansas trip, but when I do another blockbuster short film will ensue.  I'll post the results, of course.

Sadly, the trip left a fairly unpleasant aftertaste.  I mean, I had a good time.  We gambled at the Prairie Band Casino.  We got to play around by ourselves at the Hall of Fame for a good hour, at least.  (Where my brother used the ladies, much to his and everyone else's astonishment.)

The game was pretty awesome.  The Jayhawks owned it from the first tip off.  The drive was nice.  The weather was warmer than last time.  I mean, these were all good things.

But....there's always a but with me, we had to break the door to our cabin because we locked the keys inside.  A hundred and twenty bucks....down the drain.  Yeah, we tried the office.  We tried the little house.  We tried to jimmy it.  Busting in the door was a last resort.  And a costly one.

And then the game.  The seats were pretty pricey and we get there, and we're not in the back row, maybe not even the next to the back row, but we were back there.  There was a big padded beam over my seat, and if I wanted to stand up, I had to stoop like I was in a doll house.  Some of the regular ticket holders said that they just put that pad there.  Before that, it was literally the worst seat in the house, people banging their heads on concrete.

That's why when I heard Joe Bonamassa was coming, and it would cost a hundred bucks a piece just to get in the door, I threw down a little extra to get a little closer.  (2nd row!)

Drive all the way out to Kansas, bust down a hundred and twenty dollar door, only to stoop like a dumbass beneath this padded beam.  Man....