Monday, February 11, 2013

Denmark is a Very Small Country

A buddy of mine posted this image approvingly to Facebook.

And it's cute and everything, but I think Denmark's Prime Minister should drive through Kansas before talking shit about America.

I'm the first one in line to criticize this wonderful country I'm in.  I'm a critical thinker and there's always something to criticize.

But this is just pure ignorance.  Denmark is roughly twice the size of one of our smallest states.  It has zero "drill, baby, drill" Republicans. And that 30% number, while it may seem impressive, is more "Fun with Numbers" than any kind of reliable measure.

Last year, Denmark's wind capacity was roughly 4,162 megawatts, which is slightly more than Oregon's (at 3,153MW) but almost a third of what Texas is producing (12, 212MW).  And we have 30 states producing wind energy!

It's awesome that Denmark was able to get 30% of their electricity from wind. They should just not be tempted to compare themselves to the U.S. because, in truth, there is no comparison.