Thursday, December 05, 2013

Commuting in the Cold

The train was crowded this morning.  I stood the whole way from Dry Creek all the way downtown.  No one was getting off.  They were just getting on, every stop a new face in the crowd.

I was relieved to get off, but by the time I walked the two blocks to my bus transfer, I wanted to get moving again.  It was cold.  Cooooold.

I'm wearing my trench coat and my parka.  I've got my babushka hat and my gloves, faux fur and cotton.   I was pretty bundled up, but I was COLD.

The bus driver made me sick, of course.  I was still a couple of miles away from my block and I just had to close my eyes, hang my head, and focus on breathing.  The faux fur in my babushka hat started to grow damp with sweat.  Real fur would have wicked it away.

I think I'm going to drive tonight.

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