Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Broncos - For the Win

I wasn't too disappointed when the Broncos lost to the Patriots in overtime last week.  If it was a play-off game, it would have been a debacle:  the blown lead, being clipped off by a field goal in OT.

But as one of two losses on the season, I could handle it.

This week was the real test, though.  We handed Kansas City their first loss earlier this year and this time going into Arrowhead, both teams licking their paws but eyeing that division title?  Out of all the match-ups this year, this one would be the most significant.

And the Broncos tore it up.  I can't call Eric Decker "Drop" anymore.  My doubts about Knowshon Moreno's character or talent have dried up.

At the end of this game, we not only say perched atop the AFC West, but atop the AFC generally.  We have scored the most points for by far than any other team in the league.  Our points against are average.  We have more touchdowns than anyone, a perfect record at home, and the second-best record in the NFL.

That, and we have a Hall of Fame quarterback.  I'm not making any predictions, any given Sunday and all that, but the Super Bowl is only going to be interesting if we're playing in it.

Oh, and on Mike Tomlin -

I always thought he was a pretty straight-up, competent dude.  When I first saw the footage of his little sideline move, I thought it was completely innocent. 

Having seen other angles, I'm not so sure.  You have him stepping towards the field, yes, but the key for me is that little look over his shoulder.  That indicates he knew exactly where he was in relation to the play, even if he didn't realize his foot was actually on the field.

He was trying to interfere with the play, so this stuff about it being unintentional is bunk.  It's too bad, really.  I used to respect the guy.

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KickinAssTakingNames said...

I feel the same way about Tomlin. Disappointing.