Friday, November 22, 2013

Oswald Did It

Fifty years ago today, Lee Harvey Oswald fired three shots into the back of JFK's head from the book "suppository" building overlooking Dealey Plaza in Dallas.

He was a lone gunman who committed the crime alone.  The day before the assassination, he read in the newspaper that the president's motorcade was going to be passing outside his workplace and either at that moment or shortly thereafter decided he was going to shoot Kennedy.  He was a committed communist in a volatile marriage and on that day, politics and mental illness converged.

There was no conspiracy.  Oliver Stone's film is probably the most cerebral thriller ever made, but it's factually bunk.  My favorite novel, American Tabloid, immerses you in a dense and not implausible conspiracy to kill the president, but it is and remains a complete fiction.

Here are a couple photos my Uncle Jim took the last time I was at Dealey Plaza.
The window on the end, above the tree line, was Oswald's sniper nest.
The legendary grassy knoll.  Just a grassy knoll.
My brother demonstrating the angle the "second shooter" didn't take.
My Uncle Jim demonstrating the approximate spot where Oswald's shots connected with Kennedy's head.
And finally...the jump off.

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