Thursday, November 07, 2013

Libertarians are Useless...A New Chapter

Regarding the doomed "51st State" movement that's been occupying some of the least populated areas of Colorado, Reason magazine, a Libertarian mouthpiece, offers this advice:
A wise move for the secessionists would be to forge an alliance with the D.C. statehood movement...
No, no, no.

A wise move for the secessionists would be to grow the fuck up.

According to this Denver Post story, there were 37,765 votes in favor of forming a new state. Assuming these beliefs are sincere and not some kind of childish protest (not a safe assumption, if you ask me), that is a comically small number of people.

Indeed, take all 37,765 of these voters and throw them in Sports Authority Field, you'd still need another 40,000 people to get a capacity crowd for a Bronco game.

These people feel outnumbered, and they should. They are. There are over two million people in the Denver metro area. According to the Post, 57 people in Yuma county supported secession. In the whole county. 57 people.

There are more than 57 people that live on my block.

We are literally talking about a few cranks whose fealty to democracy is tentative at best. (Yeah, it sucks, but sometimes in a democracy, you lose a vote. Deal with it.)  But hey, that's the secessionists.  No one should expect them to be reasonable.

What's Reason's excuse?

The "DC Statehood" movement at least has a legitimate grievance.  Unlike residents of the states, the residents of DC have no representatives in Congress and no way to get them.  

The residents of northern Colorado, to the contrary, do have representatives in both the House and the Senate.  They may not like the Senators we're sending to Washington, but they should --in theory-- like the representative they sent to the House. After all, no one in Denver is voting for the 4th district candidate. 

Same thing for the State legislature.  The folks in these counties not only have representatives, they picked them themselves.  How is this analogous to the DC situation at all?

It's not.  But I can see how Libertarians are confused about this one.  They're confused about a lot of things....


SeanH said...

They LOVE democracy as long as they win

James said...

That probably accounts for why they don't usually like it.