Friday, November 22, 2013

Beating a Dead Horse - Game of Thrones Edition

I know, I know.  Why do I punish myself?

But it's always a surprise to see how consistenly wrong Alyssa Rosenberg gets things because of her liberal feminist views.  The latest example:
After all, I’m an enormously dedicated fan of Game of Thrones, which has as one of its major subjects how omnipresent violence against women poisons all aspects of a society.
 I'm bolding that part, because I think if you watch Game of Thrones and come away with the conclusion that "one of its major subjects" is "how omnipresent violence against women poisons all aspects of a society," then you should put down the book you've been reading, close the laptop, hit rewind and re-watch the show.

Now I shall not deny that Game of Thrones has depicted violence against women.  That is true.  But it has also depicted violence against men and children and beast.  Indeed, some of the most violent and frightening characters on the show are women.

Cersei had no problems with throwing an innocent kid out a window.  Lady Arryn had no problems ordering Tyrion's execution for a crime he didn't actually commit.  The Khaleesi with her dragons and dreams of conquest, or Melisandre, with her magic and evil plots?   These are not bloodthirsty, violent women

And who was it that shot Jon Snow full of arrows?  That's right.  It was his wildling girlfriend Ygritte. 

Ned Stark was decapitated, Jaime Lannister lost his hand, and Theon Greyjoy his nuts.  But Catelyn Stark gets it at the Red Wedding and Joffrey tortures a hooker and the show becomes about "violence against women?"

Way to miss the point....

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