Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Green Boots

If you die while trying to ascend Mount Everest, where you fell will become your grave.  Your body will not be retrieved.  It will lay exposed to the Himalayan elements, sun beaten and frost bitten for the next century or longer.

No predators will defile your corpse.  If you're not completely exposed, the temperatures may end up preserving you better than any embalmer.  Your name will be known.

Even if it is a new name, like Green Boots, so called for the distinctive green climbing boots he's wearing.  He died outside a cave nearly twenty years ago and there he still lies.  His identity is uncertain, but his status as a landmark is status quo near the summit.

"Go to Green Boots and make a left."

He is not alone.  In 2006, David Sharp froze to death inside Green Boots Cave, and there he remains, his back against the rock, arms cradled around his knees.

When aliens discover Earth, they will find Mount Everest strewn with dead bodies and empty oxygen cannisters.

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