Wednesday, September 18, 2013

This Old House

Plywood isn't supposed to look like this.
Gutters removed, shingles removed, top layer of roofing removed, and I found this dirty mess.  Looks like this has been years in the making, a problem exacerbated by faulty construction.

Started removing the panels and found mold.  Yay.
Let a little light in...
This morning I removed the rest of the roof and the rotted eave.  I'm hoping, but have not yet confirmed, that this part will be salvageable.  The water damage is significant.
I'm going to leave it exposed to the elements until it dries out, then I'll have to do some sanding and sealing.  Oh, it should be fun.

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KickinAssTakingNames said...

Holy shit. I read these house posts out of order. Did not quite realize the extent of the damage you've been working on.

But it makes what you've done that much more impressive. You should be proud. Probably saved yourself a shit ton of money. Also probably good you tackled this before winter.