Monday, September 09, 2013


Went to the last performance of In the Heights at the Vintage Theater yesterday and I was somewhat underwhelmed.  The production definitely had some highlights, but it was difficult to hear and the story was not very interesting.  Some people fall in love, an old lady dies, there's a blackout.  Not really the most epic tale, that one.

I can see why other people like it though.

Earlier this week, on Labor Day, my brother took my up to the Blackhawk casinos.  I didn't have gambling in my budget, so he staked me.  We sat down to play virtual roulette and a few minutes later, we were both up.  A few hours later, I was way up and my brother was breaking even.

I paid for the buffet.

On the way back, we took the Oh-My-God Road that connects Central City to Idaho Springs.  I'll have to admit that while the views were dizzying and terrifying, they were also spectacular.

We Front Rangers are most used to looking up at the Rocky Mountains, looming over us, purple snow-tipped majesty and all.  It's quite another thing to be at the peak, looking down at them as they spread out along for miles.

In the middle of the week, me and my brother went to see Joe Satriani at the Paramount Theater downtown.  It's the first time I've been to a show at that venue and now I'm wondering why.  It's a Golden Age of Hollywood theater that still has the hand-painted tapestries.  The downstairs hallway smells of a half-century's worth of popcorn.  The seats are comically small and the air conditioning almost useless.

But what a great venue.

And the Broncos, oh the Broncos.  Danny Trevathan's muffed pick-six almost marred Peyton Manning's record breaking 7 touchdowns.  But it didn't.

We took down the Super Bowl champs and avenged the play-off loss from last year.  Next week...the Manning Bowl.  Always bet on orange.

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