Thursday, September 12, 2013

More Stuff

It started raining a few days ago hasn't stopped.  Streets are flooding, people are dying, and the roof over one of my closets sprung a leak.  Water was just pouring in buckets this morning.

The drive to work was interesting.  I hit some standing water last night on the highway, and it was scary enough that I resolved to take the side roads today.  That plan failed almost as soon as I left.  One route was closed completely, the other was half flooded.

I said Fuck this and hit the interstate, enduring the splashback now but not the flooded intersections.

Funny thing about the modern world.  My roof is leaking, but I can't do anything about it because, hey, those commercials ain't gonna play themselves*.   Can't do anything about it till it stops raining anyway...

Here's a funny thing I came across on the web today:  23 Things Every Woman Should Doing.  Surprisingly "Don't involve innocent men in your life confusion" didn't make the list.  Other than that, good list!

And finally, my nephew turned me onto this song.  Dub step is not usually my thing, but I'm digging it.  The coolest thing about dub step, I think, is how sinister it sounds.  This is the heavy music of the new generation.  Guitars are for us oldsters.

*  Just kidding.  On a good day, 99% of them play just fine on their automated playlists.  I'm left to mop up on the remainder.

1 comment:

KickinAssTakingNames said...

What a ridiculous article.

On the other hand, the song wasn't bad. I didn't expect to like it. I haven't been too fond of the whole dubstep movement thus far. Maybe I'm being exposed to the wrong stuff.

Sorry about the crazy rain. I was wondering how it was going, as the news specifically mentioned your area. Be careful.