Saturday, September 28, 2013

Jaguar Attacks Crocodile

I don't believe in non-violence anymore, if I ever really did.  At City Park, they have this MLK memorial that has various statues of non-violent, peaceful type people.  Ghandi's up there wearing his diaper.  MLK looks very regal.

But it's all horseshit.

Now I'm not saying that I swing all the way to the other end on this issue, dipping into warmonger territory, but I think something like this is a humiliating reversal of the natural order.
There's something about this photo that disturbed me to my core.  This, of course, is the famous UC David pepper spray incident, wherein an impotent line of Occupy nerds got hosed by a fat cop with a face who can barely fit under his helmet. 

The capsaicin wore off.  The cop was fired.  Occupy fizzled.  These are the fruits of non-violence.

Meanwhile, in the "real" world, this is how it goes:

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Victoria said...

Fantastic! I thought the crocodile has a MOST quick reaction! OO