Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Screed on Weed

Now here's a real convincing argument on why pot should be illegal:
Do you know why we don't see potheads out in public? It's because they're sitting at home smoking weed and staring at their television sets or playing video games all day. Do you have any idea how many marijuana addicts I encounter at my rehab on a daily basis? They talk about wanting to be productive. But what pot does is it kills their motivation -- it destroys people's ability to go out and work and to have a career. It makes them want to do nothing but lie around all day.
Oh, did I say argument?  I mean "argument."  Let's see....stereotyping, over-generalizing, blatant distortion.  Check, check and check.  This guy should go meet some of the stoners I've known.  Oh, they get plenty of couch time, sure....who doesn't?  But they also run the gamut from attorneys to computer programmers to artists.

The telling statement is this:
Do you have any idea how many marijuana addicts I encounter at my rehab on a daily basis?
No, I do not.  And who cares?  Because of the selection effect, this guy only sees the burnouts who can put their lives on hold to go to rehab.  How many high-functioning potheads has this guy seen out in public?  Probably more than he knows...

Sadly for him, he gives away the store when he delves into his biography:
I know what marijuana does to the human mind because I started smoking weed when I was 15 years old. It literally robbed me of my motivation to participate in my own life. I was absolutely OK with sitting around all day eating cookies and watching television and getting high with my friends. But, to go out and earn a living and do something with my life? That was all stuff that I was going to do later after I came down off of the marijuana. But, then I'd smoke some more and think, "Why bother?" . . . and, eventually, I started shooting heroin. 
 Wait....heroin?  What?

This poor dude wasn't a pothead, per se.  Oh, he smoked bales of it on his way to being a full-blown junkie, sure, but he could never be a pothead because pot wasn't good enough for him.  It failed him.  He needed more...   Is that where this bitterness is coming from?

This is bitterness, right?
And my kid, he's going to know the truth about you. He's going to know that every time you approach him arguing for the legalization of marijuana, what you're really doing is asking him to vote to make it OK for you to spend the rest of your life half-baked on your sofa, too stoned to go out and play with your own kids or do the things you've always dreamed of doing. To my kid, I'm going to say that this means one less competitor on his road to a successful and fulfilling life. 
Okay, dude.  Whatever you say.

Truth be told, the way this guy goes on, it makes me want to go World Star on him.  This is way bigger than some sad dick head's "bad times on weed" tale.

The black market in the stuff is out of control, so prohibition has a strike there.  I mean, I think snatching away such a cash cow from the Mexican drug gangs and giving it to hippies with grow lights would be a good idea.  Taxing it to help pay for all this shit we want but don't want to pay for would also be a good idea.

Will there be people with addiction problems?  Sure.  There's addiction problems with a lot of perfectly legal things already.  A junkie is going to become a junkie no matter how he gets there, whether it's weed, beer, or something else.  But not everyone who smokes weed becomes a fucking junkie.

So let's think about the cookie makers and the video game companies and the couch manufacturers for once and just legalize the shit already.

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KickinAssTakingNames said...

Well, I think you know we are already in agreement on this whole subject. I get really tired of the whole "gateway drug" angle myself. Most people simply happen to be exposed to pot before anything else, and many people try other drugs beyond that but they don't all develop an addiction. If someone has a genetic predisposition or is trying to escape or is self-medicating due to other undiagnosed/untreated issues, then yeah, they are going to choose something more potent in the end because pot isn't going to cut it. But pot has nothing to do with why a person becomes an addict. There is no "gateway". It's about biology of one's brain, and/or underlying issues that cause one to cope/escape/ease pain through a quick fix that is often cheaper, more readily available, and seemingly easier than the more appropriate fixes.

And for what it's worth, I first smoked pot in high school. Probably around 16. And I never tried one other drug after that. Not a one, and I'm in my early 40s and have had PLENTY of opportunities. I credit a lot of things for that - education, my upbringing, fear, good choices on my part, and those damn ABC After School Specials - they seriously scared the crap out of me (google it-you are probably too young for those).

One last side note: For those whose argument is about the laziness and unmotivating aspect of pot, I have one word. Sativa.