Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mostly Useless

It's been pretty funny seeing the Libertarian blogosphere grapple with the Neo-Confederates in their midst.  This was prompted by the revelation that their darling Senator Rand Paul has on staff a guy who once celebrated Lincoln's assassination and called himself the "Southern Avenger" on the radio.  (Get caught up on the story here.)

To their credit, I have yet to see any post explicitly endorsing Neo-Confederate views.  Indeed they all admit that you can't support slave states and call yourself a Libertarian.  And we are with this "Neo-Confederate/Libertarian" problem.

Which brings me to this post attempting to explain it all, appropriately called 'Why Some Libertarians Sympathize With the Confederacy":
But I just wanted to point out that I think a significant amount of libertarian sympathy for the Confederacy in the circles where it exists* is really a product of intense distaste for the U.S. government and its post-Civil War record [along with, as a commenter notes, a general sympathy for the right of secession] rather than a considered view of the Confederacy’s own record.
Oh, in other words.....they're fucking stupid.  

Libertarians pride themselves on their logic and reason.  But if they're so disgusted with the U.S. government's abridgement of freedom, why would they run to sympathize with a government that allowed, celebrated, and defended chattel slavery?  That's not logical.   That's not reasonable.

It's childish and immoral.  And yet another demonstration why libertarianism as a philosophy is mostly useless.

*  Yet another problem with libertarianism....   They're very aware of how fringey their views are, and very interested in keeping at arm's length all the weirdos.  They say, "Yes, some Libertarians totally dig the Confederacy, but they are not TRUE Libertarians.  The philosophy is still sound."

Sure it is.....

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