Saturday, May 11, 2013


Hannibal Lecter has been in my thoughts lately.  I've become enamored of the new show Hannibal, watched pieces of Manhunter last week, and I'm currently reading Red Dragon.  If I were a different sort, this descent into escapism would manifest itself in Game of Thrones or Star Trek but I'm a dark it's Hannibal the Cannibal.

And I hate to say it, but Hannibal Lecter has provided me with more hope and inspiration than my non-fictional fellow humans have these past few weeks.

First, it's a fucking joke that it's been so difficult to put a dead terrorist in the ground.  I mean, hey, I get it.   He bombed the Boston Marathon, killed a cop, and terrorized a city.  He's unquestionably a villain.

But he's dead.  He can't hurt anyone anymore and, more importantly, no one can hurt him.  While I understand the impulse to refuse to bury him as an emotional response, it's kind of, I don't know, childish.  Don't want to bury him?  Then what are you going to do with his corpse? This is not an abstract question.

Obviously you can't leave him on a slab.  I've heard that some people want him to be cremated, which seems like a practical solution.  The only problem with that is that the dude's family doesn't want him cremated and his religion forbids it. I know, I comes the "Fuck his family and fuck his religion" chorus, which might fly in Russia or Saudi Arabia, but really doesn't fit in with, you know, American values.

Here we respect religious differences --or at least we're supposed to, and we are only supposed to convict the guilty, not the whole family.

This whole episode has kind of made me think that these "values" are written in smoke on ice.  How easily they waft away when we're trying to impress our Facebook friends.  The sun shines and they evaporate.  We're back to wishing his head was put up on a spike outside of town to warn the other evil-doers.

To me, it's simple:  The living bury the dead.  We really need to get over ourselves and reacquaint ourselves with basic human decency.

And then there's the 3D printed gun.  Gun nuts and Libertarians are jizzing their pants over this thing.  "This," they say, "proves once and for all that gun control is impossible.  You can't trace the gun if I print it out."

Well, that may be true.  But what makes you think you can't be prosecuted?  Typical Libertarian blindspot, I guess, but really?   You print a gun designed to defy gun regulations and seriously think the ATF is just going to shrug it off?  "Clever Libertarian outsmarted me again."  C'mon, man....

David Frum gets it:
Wilson, a libertarian activist, calls his gun “the Liberator” — implying that it will empower the beleaguered individual against the forces of state tyranny.

But you won’t be wanting to take “the Liberator” with you into the field against Bashar Assad’s goons. Wilson’s gun fires a single bullet at short range with limited accuracy. It’s main utility is its ability to pass a metal detector. It is, in other words, an assassin’s weapon.

This should go without saying.  You can't fight tyranny with a little plastic zip gun.  However, if you are deluded enough, you can think you're fighting tyranny with your little one-shot popper.  What you're really doing, though, is being an asshole. 

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