Saturday, April 06, 2013

I Didn't Go Nuts, This Movement Did

I endorse everything Bill Maher says here.

Last year I was talking politics with my brother and he asked me, "Well, why aren't you a Libertarian then?"  And I explained it this way:

Libertarians say they care about "liberty," but they are too occupied finding out who did what.  Take the case of the hypothetical cell phone blocker.  If the laws were changed and if a device that blocked cell phone signals were introduced to the market, this is what would happen.  Governments would seek to install them somewhere, say in a jail or in your car.  Libertarians would freak the fuck out.

But if a movie theater or a restaurant installed them to ensure silence during the show or the dinner service, they would shrug.  That's alright, they say.  It's their property, their business. If you don't like it, go somewhere else.

So cell phone blockers to prevent road deaths:  bad.  Cell phone blockers to ensure silence during dinner:  Okay.

And yet which one is a bigger infringement on one's liberty?  What, I lose my autonomy when I enter your eating establishment?  I become yours as long as I'm in your house? 

But on the roads, where I don't have much autonomy, where I'm engaging in a social behavior with various expected rules (such as "don't text and drive"), I'm egregiously infringed by the government's nanny cell phone blockers.

I get that it has some kind of internal logic  --Government bad, private business good-- but it's garbage.

Recently a study from the Mercatus Institute found that the two Dakotas, Tennessee, New Hampshire, and Oklahoma were the top 5 "freest" states in the union.  The Dakotas!  Oklahoma?  (Everything's "free" on the res, don't ya know..)  It's like they picked states with no people and declared them "free." 

Texas is #14.  Colorado, home of the legal weed, is at #19.  Nevada with its gambling and brothels is at #20.  Shockingly, or not, California and New York share last place.  Like I said...garbage.

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