Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I didn't think it would ever happen, but today Josh, the dude who got shot up at the theater shooting last year, returned to work today. 

Eight months later. 

I've seen him a time or two since the shooting, but I never got the gory details.  Today he showed me his arm and his leg, as well as pictures of the wound pre-surgery. 

It was awful.

He has a crater of scar tissue sitting at the inside corner of his right elbow.  There's a little bulb of flesh in the middle of it, the remains of the flap of muscle, skin, and nerve that escaped the bullet's downward trajectory.  His leg looks like someone dragged an axe down his shin, a little canyon of scar tissue that goes all the way to the bone.

The pictures were worse.  It was all just meat.

On the news, they say James Holmes killed twelve and wounded sixty something.  Josh wasn't wounded.

He got fucked up.

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