Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Ah, what a strange spring it has been. Weekly snowstorms, cold temperatures, and then when it clears, as it did late last week, an allergy attack of biblical proportions. It started on Friday afternoon with the sniffles. By Saturday, I had the sniffles, a cough, and my eyes wouldn't stop watering. I left work early and drove home with one eye closed. All the trees and grasses figured that they might as well get pumping on the pollen; it is almost May after all.

I slept most of Sunday, getting up long enough to take a shower (I took probably five of them that day) and drink some water. Monday, I put the fever in hay fever and had to drag my sick ass down to Walgreens for some acetaminophen. It reduced the pressure behind my eyeballs enough to at least watch some TV.

Today is the last day of my weekend and while I feel 100% better, I'm still at 50% capacity. I've managed to do some things around the house, like making my bed, but all the big garden stuff...again delayed.

 They say it's going to snow tomorrow, not much, but hopefully enough to exact some revenge on the flora that has been attacking me. Stupid plants...

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