Friday, March 22, 2013

World Star

I ain't gonna lie.  Watching these World Star fight comps have made me want to get in a fight soooo bad.  Some of these guys don't know what they're doing.  Half the time you can tell who's going to get knocked out just by how they fight.  They lean way back and throw these wild punches looking over the tips of their noses.  They don't want to get hit.

But you're in a fight, dude.  You're going to get hit.

In most of the fights, someone in the background will yell out, "World Star!"  They might throw their fingers up in a little W.

After the girl fights, the ground is strewn with torn wigs and battered weaves.

Sometimes, you watch these fights and know that lives were changed.  You see them twitching on the ground and you know they just lost about 20 IQ points and ten years off their lives.

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