Friday, March 22, 2013

Ten Years Later

It's been ten years since we went to war in Iraq.  It was the dumbest thing in a long list of dumb things we've done as a country in the last ten years.

I opposed the war from the beginning.  I don't say that to be proud of it.  I say that because there's been an accounting on this score in the blogosphere lately, and while I have hardly any readership, this does qualify as a blog.

And I don't have to account for shit.

Andrew Sullivan does, though, and he whines his way through it:

I had spent much of the 1990s at war with the gay left, and I think it had embittered me. That those battles were over my campaign for marriage equality and military service as the two biggest priorities of the gay rights movement makes for a strange irony today. Nonetheless, when you have been smeared, physically threatened, picketed and despised by the gay left, you dig in and begin to see nothing but bad in that political faction. And earlier that same year, I had been publicly humiliated by parts of the gay left for being HIV-positive, and trying to find other HIV-positive men online for sex and love. That made my embitterment deeper. When I really examine my emotional state that year, I can see better now why my anger at the left in general came out so forcefully in the wake of such a massacre. It was a foolish extrapolation from a handful of haters to an entire political tradition. Again, this is not an excuse. But if I am to understand my own personal anger at the anti-war left, it is part of the story.
 Alright, it's not an excuse.  It's also not a very good reason to have been wrong about the Iraq War.  "The gay left was mean to me." 

You kind of aligned yourself with a movement that would deny them basic human dignities.  What'd you expect, a big warm embrace?  Politics is a nasty game.  Of course, the tree-hugging communist pussies are going to call the knuckle-dragging ignorant fascists a bag of dicks.  People are assholes, man, and when they get angry, they say angry things.  You can beat the war drums as some kind of response, or you can --in the words of Don Corleone-- act like a man.

Whatsa matta wit you?

He seems to have learned his lesson though, and that's a good thing.  So it goes.

The gay left made me do it...  What a joke.

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