Sunday, March 24, 2013

Big News Part IV

Clutch has a new record out, Earth Rocker, and while I've only given it a few spins so far, I noticed a song called Mr. Freedom, which --and maybe I'm wrong about this-- seems to have been inspired by the Tea Party nonsense America's right wing has been indulging in these last few years.

Check it.  Verse 1:
Phantoms of the second civil war
You gather them around
And every time you open your mouth
A load of horseshit comes flying right back out
Verse 2:
Serious business on your lapel
Let the people know how you feel
And every bumper sticker on the back of your car
Makes you feel a little more real
 Verse 3:
I bet you would like nothing better
Than for the shit to hit the fan
And from the safety of your arm chair
Probably laying those plans that no one else but you can possibly understand
If rock were still relevant, if Clutch were signed to a major label, this is the kind of thing that would get them a mention on Drudge.  I'm pretty confident, however, that Clutch will have nothing to fear from the outrage machine.  Why worry about a little rock record when you can worry about Benghazi?

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