Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Road

Another hour-long drive home, thanks to an accident on the highway, a dumb decision on my part, and a bunch of other stupid people.  I should have never gotten off the highway, even though traffic was backed up and slowed to a crawl.  It was no different on the side streets.  As soon as I got out of the mess they call Greenwood Village, I got back on the highway and just suffered the bottleneck.

Even once they finish building the light-rail, I'm not sure the highways will ever get any better.  They're just poorly designed.  Greenwood Village is a joke because it has too many lights too close together right off the highway.  There is never a chance for the roadway to clear at peak times.  It just becomes a place where no one really progresses.  Some people fear they won't be able to get over, so they try to merge into stopped traffic, basically blocking two lanes for a few crucial seconds that could have been used, rather than for this inadvisable merge, for some movement.

Movement should be the primary motive of our roadways, but it seems like it's not.  I think that's a problem that should be fixed, and wish I were a younger man so I could try and fix it.

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