Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weird Dreams

I've been having some weird, incredibly vivid dreams lately.  It's been interesting, but not particularly restful.

Today I had a dream that I was in a western with Brad Pitt.  It was a good movie, but Brad Pitt was a very bad guy.

Then I had a dream that I went to Texas with my brother, only Texas looked like a science fiction version of Mars, with red mountains and purple trees.  I mean, these mountains were massive.  They made the Rockies look like foothills.  Why did I think that was Texas?  The city we were in looked like Dr. Seuss created it and you had to watch out for the white snakes that slithered through the grass.  If they bit you, you were dead.

The last dream I had, I was camping with Anthony Bourdain.  Not out in the wilderness, just on this bluff overlooking a highway.  For some reason I brought a mattress, a full size big ass hard to carry mattress.  Bourdain was going to figure out a way to put it in the tent while I started the fire.

 I kept waking up, having to shoo my kitties away, but man....what's a guy gotta do to get some sleep around here?

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