Saturday, January 12, 2013

Things I Didn't Really Like

Elmore Leonard's Latest Book Raylan

Tickled at the success of Justified, Elmore Leonard wrote another Raylan Givens novel, and despite starting out quite good, it fell apart quickly.  Indeed, the book stinks of a fix-up, as if he had the idea for a couple of interesting Raylan short stories and stitched them together to make a "novel."

I wasn't offended when Raylan almost got killed by someone trying to snatch his kidneys or when he hooked up with some 23-year-old poker whiz for no particular reason.

What offends me is that if this were someone else's first novel, it would have never been published.  The rejection slip would have had words like "amateurish" and phrases like "Where's the story?"

Disappointment:  Major.


I had no high hopes for this movie.  Karl Urban is no Sylvester Stallone and Judge Dredd is a one note character anyway.  But I have a high tolerance for bad movies, especially bloody ones, but I found it difficult to stomach this one.

In one scene, a perpetually scowling Lena Headey (not a good look, hon) skins a few guys and throws them off a hundred story building.  They go splat splat splat.  I guess we were supposed to be horrified by that.

The only thing horrifying was how artless the whole thing was.

Here's an idea:  If you're going to make a Judge Dredd movie and it's going to suck, at least play Anthrax's I Am the Law at least once during the thing.  I don't think it will help really, but it may make it suck less.

Respect the badge
He earned it with his blood
Fear the gun
Your sentence may be death because

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