Monday, January 28, 2013

Local Sports - Politicking Edition

John Elway is one of my heroes, and he's also a Republican who has campaigned for some people I would never vote for even if they paid me to do it.  I have no problem reconciling my respect for the guy and my disagreement with his politics.

I have to say, though, that I dig his response to gun control questions posed by Piers Morgan.

"You're from Colorado and I was particularly appalled by what happened in the Aurora movie theater," Morgan began. "But as somebody who has grown up in American culture, presumably around guns, what is your view of the debate as it stands?" He asked Elway.
To which Elway responded: "You know, I'm still waiting to hear both sides of it. I'm a gun owner. I'm a hunter and I enjoy that and I respect the second amendment."
"As someone who hunts and shoots for sport, do you see any need for civilians to have one of these military-style rifles that can pump out 100 bullets a minute?" Morgan asked.
"No, and that's one area -- I don't own a machine gun," Elway said and before he finished his thought Morgan asked, "But do you see why anybody would need one as a civilian?"
"I do not," Elway responded. "I don't see that. And that's the side I'm waiting to hear about and to see if that is the solution, if that's the solution that can prevent some of these catastrophes that are going on at these grade schools then, you know, I'm all for the solution."
Good answer. I'm not a gun owner and I've never been hunting in my life and I too respect the second amendment.  I also think that there's no reason why a civilian needs a military-style rifle that can fire 100 rounds a minute, and if they're banned...oh well.  Get a shotgun and be happy.

(As to the clowns saying they need these weapons to protect themselves from tyranny....give me a break.)

And then, there's this from Kenneth Faried, Nuggets star.

That's how people live their lives, man.  Who are you to say they can't?

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